Moran Lab, March 2023. Left to right: Sajad Kargar, Jacob Velazquez, JLM, Shrishti Singh, PhD (alum), Amit Kumar Singh, PhD, Tarini Basireddy.

Principal Investigator

Jeffrey Moran, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, George Mason University

My research interests lie in understanding and using micro-scale thermal-fluid transport phenomena to enable new solutions to fundamental challenges facing humanity, including sustainable energy, environmental remediation, and cancer treatment. My doctoral work helped explain the physical mechanism for the self-propulsion of “catalytic micromotors,” which are micrometer-size metallic rods (50 times smaller than the width of a human hair) that can “swim” and carry cargo through liquids. These rods are one subclass of “active colloids,” microscopic self-propelled particles, which show promise for such applications as enhanced oil recovery, manufacturing of micro- and nanometer-scale structures, and even targeted drug delivery in the human body.

Postdoctoral Scholar

Amit Kumar Singh, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, George Mason University

My current research work is focused on development of nanobot-based treatments for pulmonary fibrosis. Before joining the George Mason University, I was a Senior Research Fellow for two years at the The Centre for Excellence In Nanoelectronics & Theranostic Devices (CENTD), Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India. I worked on synthesis of biomedical microrobots for anti-cancer therapy. I received my Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati.

Ph.D. Students

Sajad Kargar

Ph.D. Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering, George Mason University

Kushal Baraily

Ph.D. Student, Department of Biology, George Mason University

co-advisor: Prof. Monique van Hoek

Undergraduate Students

Jacob Velazquez

John C. Bush


Shrishti Singh, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Student, Department of Bioengineering, George Mason University

At the age of 10, our teachers ask about our dreams and aspirations when we grow up. And since then, being of help to the people who require it has been my answer.
This has led me to pursue a PhD in Bioengineering where I focus on engineering biomaterials which can be used to image pre-cancer lesions in-vivo with least surgical intervention. I also work on developing a nanomedicine platform which can deliver therapeutics to the pre-cancer sites by autonomously moving through the tumor environment.

Noah Lechner

Delaram Dastan

Xavier Segel

Matthew Baumholtz

Tarini Basireddy